We organize several events in support of our efforts.

OSE Meetup

We arrange monthly events that provide participants with an opportunity to present and learn about different software solutions and receive feedback on their current research projects. The events usually take place on the third Monday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Institute for Applied Microeconomics. Please see our GitHub repository for details.

OSE Retreat

We host an annual retreat in support of our research activities. We organize the event around the research codes that are under active development in our group to facilitate a productive exchange of ideas. While participants were initially limited to economists, we hope to expand the event and include the broader mathematics and computational science community. Please see our GitHub repository for details.

OSE Primer

We organize a computation primer, which is essentially an introduction to (Python) programming. The course covers basic concepts such as variables, loops, functions, plotting, basics of scientific programming and data analysis, and some perspectives. The last iteration can be found in our GitHub repository.

OSE Scientific Computing

The sound analysis of computational economic models requires expertise in economics, statistics, numerical methods, and software engineering. We first provide an overview of basic numerical methods for optimization, numerical integration, approximation methods, and uncertainty quantification. We then deepen our understanding of each of these topics in the context of a dynamic model of human capital accumulation using respy. We conclude by showcasing basic software engineering practices such as the design of a collaborative and reproducible development workflow, automated testing, and high-performance computing. Please see our course website for details.

DSE Summer School

We are hosting the Econometric Society Summer School in Dynamic Structural Econometrics (DSE) in Bonn in 2021. It offers an annual short course in dynamic structural econometrics and computational methods more generally, paired with an associated two-day conference in the same general area. DSE conference and summer school have a special theme that varies from year to year.