OSE meets Industry

OSE meets Industry is a series of three talks in which companies involved in modeling provide insight into their strategies for addressing real-world problems. The talks will discuss solved and unsolved problems. We hope to bring industry and academia one step closer together through active interaction between presenters and audience.

The target audience is advanced master students and PhD students, postdocs and professors from all disciplines dealing with (mathematical) modeling and (scientific) programming.

If you have any questions please reach out and contact Tim Mensinger

Event Date
OSE meets Comma Soft AG 23. May 2022, 6pm
OSE meets Deutsche Bank AG 27. June 2022, 6pm
OSE meets AXA Konzern AG 20. July 2022, 6pm


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Upcoming Event: 20. July

OSE meets AXA Konzern AG
  • Talk: The Joy of Pricing — Creating Value from Data
  • Presenter: Dr. Felix Schran, Dr. Heiko Wagner
  • Date: 6pm, 20. July 2022
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OSE meets Deutsche Bank AG
OSE meets AXA Konzern AG
OSE meets Comma Soft AG

OSE Meetup

We arrange bi-monthly events that provide participants with an opportunity to present and learn about different software solutions and receive feedback on their current research projects. Please see our GitHub repository for details.