The following courses are taught at the University of Bonn at the Master/Doctoral level. If you’re not from Bonn you can still view the class material online.

Effective Programming Practices for Economists

The course introduces students to programming methods that will substantially reduce their time spent programming while at the same time making their programs more dependable and their results reproducible without extra effort. The course draws extensively on some simple techniques that are the backbone of modern software development, which most economists are simply not aware of. It shows the usefulness of these techniques for a wide variety of economic and econometric applications by means of hands-on examples. Please see the slides from 19/20 here.

OSE Scientific Computing Course

The course provides an overview of basic numerical methods for optimization, numerical integration, approximation methods, and uncertainty quantification. The last segment of the course welcomes several guest lecturers from the industry and other academic departments to present on how computational models are used in their everyday work. Please see our course website for details.

OSE Data Science Course

The course introduces students to basic microeconometric methods, where the objective is to teach students how to perform and evaluate causal claims. The course is heavily based on Python programming and makes use of its SciPy ecosystem, as well as Jupyter Notebooks. In the same line as the Scientific Computing Course, the Data Science course also welcomes guest Lecturers from both public and private sector who share their insights on the importance of data science analysis. Please check our course website for more information.

Online Material

The online material is still under development, but will be uploaded soon. (Date: April 2022)